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Connect with people & help each other grow financially. Financial growth by 30% in local currency Provide Help  

Why choose Help 72?

No Guiders

No unnecessary Huge cash is cashed out by participants in the name of Guider. They believe that anyone who invited you to the community guides you through till you can navigate through the website all by yourself. This saves good cash for the participants in the community.


There is a recommitment clause which mandates you to provide another help within 48hrs after receiving your help. You can either choose to remain on your package or upgrade to a higher package.

No Cheating

The community frowns at cheats. Fake proof of payments will be immediately dealt with as we have hundreds of support staff responding to your queries within an hour. Help Receivers can flag payment uploads as false and can also notify the system should in case the help provider notifies them of his unwilligness to go ahead with providing help. This is a new feature never before seen on any platform. Rather than wait before the time alloted to the help provider expire, you can easily click to re-match.


The Website is SSL Protected (https), it is also hacker proof. Once your Bank Account Details are entered once, they stay there permanently cannot be changed by anyone including you. To change you need to contact support. So if anyone steals your password to wait in the maturity of your money he will grow old waiting because he cannot change the receiving account.

Account Validation

All emails and phone numbers are confirmed to be working before account activation. This is to remove fraudulent accounts, unserious users and time wasters from the system. Account is confirmed by clicking a link in your email while the a code is sent to your phone to confirm the number.

How It Works

Step 1


Register with your email and phone number.

Step 2

Confirm Account

You will get an activation email from us, click on this and create a password, then login to fully confirm.

Step 3

Select Plan

Login with your username and password, input your details and select a plan you want.

Step 4

Provide Help

Click on provide help.

Step 5


Wait to be matched (click on the my help menu to know who you are matched with).

Step 6


Step 7

Get Matched

Wait till youre matched to be paid automatically after 72hrs.

Step 8

Confirm Payment

Confirm your payment (your money plus 40% extra) from paying member.


Choose the package that suits your needs.

- Help 72

Toddler Plan

₦ 10,000.00

  • 30 % Return on investment (₦ 13,000.00)

Beginner Plan

₦ 20,000.00

  • 30 % Return on investment (₦ 26,000.00)

StartUp Plan

₦ 50,000.00

  • 30 % Return on investment (₦ 65,000.00)

Basic Plan

₦ 100,000.00

  • 30 % Return on investment (₦ 130,000.00)

Advance Plan

₦ 200,000.00

  • 30 % Return on investment (₦ 260,000.00)